Posted on July 05 2017
by editingbeauty

Temporary hair dyes seem to be wildly popular among our readers, and trust us when we say that we fully understand why. We do love dyes that are semi-permanent too, for the simple reason that these “tints” allows us to change our hair colours every couple of weeks. Plus, they’re less expensive than a full hair makeover at a professional salon, and are less harmful to your scalp and mane too.

And we’re always more than happy to introduce different brands of temporary hair dyes, because we believe that having options and choice is a luxury. The new player to the game is none other than 3CE, though a tad bit late, but still deserving of our attention nonetheless.


The colour selection seems pretty basic now after being exposed to other semi-permanent hair dyes from brands like Missha and Aprilskin. There’s the usual rose gold and chestnut brown, but what we are zooming in straight on is this particular colour called “Apricot Brown”. A muted tangerine shade with hints of brown, to tone the otherwise vibrant (and perhaps outlandish) colour down.

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Colours tend to last only for a week, though once again it all depends on your hair’s health, alongside external factors such as the types of hair care products used. Plus, 3CE has been really upfront about their products’ effectiveness — colours typically do not show up well on dark hair, so it’s best to have the dye applied onto bleached / lightened hair. But before you shrug off the product, we have to say that these dyes are actually perfect for those who desire to rock a different hair colour, but have jobs in conservative workplaces that frown upon brightly-coloured hair. Just like lip tints, they are going to stain your hair, and for those who are starting off with a canvas of dark mane, the colour is likely to only show up under natural sunlight.

Check out this short Instagram tutorial on the 3CE Treatment Hair Tint:

3CE Treatment Hair Tint, $12.90 a tube. Available here.

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