Posted on July 05 2017
by editingbeauty

So, by now it should already be peachy darn clear that peach is indeed the new black. It’s a punchy colour that goes well with all skin tones, allows one to stay along the more conservative side of things, and can also be brought up a notch for the folks who prefer to experiment and play with colours. For us, we are absolutely in love with a classic everyday peachy keen look that’s a tad more fun than a basic brown, yet still wearable enough without having to battle curious stares on public transport.

The more adventurous ones, who are not content with just a (smoked out) peachy eye look, however, might want to give the latest trend on the block a whirl — the smokey peach hair. Just like how you’d create a sultry smokey eye, the sibling hair trend follows the same style. What creator and hairstylist Glam Iris did is this: She dyed the roots of her client’s hair a dark, diffused grey, followed by a vibrant shade of tangerine, and then a lighter shade of peach towards the ends.

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It’s a pretty low maintenance ‘do, considering how there’s no need for your roots to be bleached, so that ought to save your scalp some misery. The multi-hued hairstyle does require you to go blonde throughout the rest of your mane though, but hey, peach is still something different from the rose golds and lilacs that we’re so used too. We’re calling it — hurry and hop on the trend before it becomes yet another basic colour too!

And if you’re (peachy) keen on trying out the colour, we do have some temporary hair dye options that you might want to consider, before fully committing your mane to a head of permanent blorange:


Lime Crime Unicorn Hair in Neon Peach

US$16, available here.


3CE Treatment Hair Tint in Apricot Brown

$12.90, available here.

Header Image: @glamiris IG