Posted on July 26 2017
by editingbeauty

So we were casually browsing, as we do to chase away the Monday blues every week, when we spotted something very interesting indeed buried within the new launches page:


Silke London, one of the brands that has just been added to Sephora’s fold, sells this container of hair ties that’s going for $40.

Yup, $40 – it ain’t a typo, and they didn’t mean $4 – this pack of 6 humble hair elastics indeed costs as much as a nice dinner at a mid-range restaurant. We were baffled, so we had to dig a little more. Who are the people behind Silke London, and why on earth do they dare to sell hair ties at such a ludicrous price?

The woman behind this brand is one Maria Soutiriou, a London hairstylist who decided she was done with waking up to a pillow strewn with broken strands of hair. Convinced that this was all the fault of her rough bedsheets, she set out to find a material she could wrap her hair in while she slept… and obviously, the answer was pure silk.

Silke London’s first and main product is the Silke Hair Wrap, in a curated range of colours and all made to keep your bedsheets from ruining your hair, as they apparently did for Soutiriou. That’s going for a cool $85 at Sephora, but paying that much for an entire head wrap, one that you can incorporate into an outfit as well, seems more palatable than those $40 hair ties.



They even have fancy names – (from left) Cleopatra, Frida and Coco.


So yes, back to those hair ties. Their key selling points are that they have a 100% silk exterior and a “super strong elastic interior”, so your hair is held firmly with none of the damaging friction, clawing, tugging, and kinks that can come with regular hair ties.

Sure, cheap hair ties are definitely known to pull your hair out, leave unsightly kinks, and all of those things that most of us have experienced. These are side effects of tying your hair that we’ve grown used to, so a major upgrade to tying our hair with silk was never something that crossed our minds. Now that Silke London has shown us that it’s an option that’s just a few clicks away on Sephora’s website, is it something we’re going to consider?

After seriously considering the potential benefits of wrapping our hair in silk in a bid to never have to pull out at least a few strands of hair with every hair tie again, the verdict is this: $40 for 6 hair ties still is ridiculous. After all, don’t hair ties get lost all the time, even with our best efforts to keep them in sight? With every Silke London hair tie you lose, that’s a cool $6.70 you’re never going to see again.

To conclude, we’ll have to call this one of the more ridiculous things we’ve spotted in Sephora to date. So… are you fancy enough to treat your crowning glory to Silke London? No judgment if you are, but better not let those hair ties out of your sight, just saying.

Also, from experience, these do a pretty good job of not pulling out your hair. Also, they go for $2 for 3, available at your nearest mama shop.

plastic hair ties

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Silke London is available at Sephora.

Main image: Silke London

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