Posted on October 27 2017
by editingbeauty

If you love dressing up, then Halloween is the perfect holiday for you because you get to all-out in your costumes! From famous movie characters to real life music icons or – there’s no better way to put – things, there are endless options out there. Usually we’ll start planning way ahead on our Halloween costumes so that we don’t end up scrambling for ideas 5 hours before that exclusive Halloween party that we managed to score last-minute invites to.

Most of the time, other people can tell if you put effort into your costume, and you don’t want to end up looking frumpy. You might as well just have not put in any effort at all! As a makeup junkie, we’re pretty sure that you would have a lot of spare makeup on hand, so get creative and put those brushes to good use!

Contouring is a necessary part of every girl’s makeup routine, so let’s start off with a look that you can easily create with those contouring skills of yours. Disney fan or not, you would have heard of Bambi, the adorable little baby deer in the forest. All you need is a contouring palette and liquid eyeliner. Finish off with pair of dramatic falsies and some deer ears if you can find them will help you finish your look. Highlight and contour all the forest fairies out of your way!

You might have thought of resorting to recreating the Wednesday Addams look with pleats and a black dress, but that’s way too cliched. If you have mainly a black wardrobe, you might want to consider becoming a black and white photo. We don’t mean just wearing black and white clothes, but actually dyeing your skin to look like you just stepped out from a grayscale photo from the 1900s. Plus points if you have vintage clothes! If you have grey face paint lying around, or mix together black and white face paint to get your perfect shade of grey, which you can then apply onto your skin everywhere. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to get a water-based pigmented base like the Aquacolor in Deep Black. Do the rest of your makeup as per normal with (you can even use smoky eyeshadow and contour), but make sure to use a black lipstick! This would also work easier if you had deep brown/ black hair so you don’t have to worry about dying it too.






Pop art looks are also quite easy to do if you’ve got black liquid eyeliner on hand! All you have to do is just draw the lines on your face to look like a 2D comic book character. Don’t be pressured to follow any one character (Wonder Woman seems to be really popular this year), make yourself a comic book character. Red lips work well to finish the look, as well as bright eyeshadows like yellow or green. Liquid eyeliner in other colours (you would want them to be neon, bright colours) will also give you more room to play around with. You can also draw on a couple of tears or some add some lines around your neck and collarbones to accentuate them.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 15.29.45


Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 15.33.53


Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 15.38.41

Some people go all out in full gory, while others go down the super slutty and trashy look. Here’s one where you can go full out on your makeup, and no one will be judging you too hard. This is your once chance to let your inner drag queen out! (By any chance if a guy is reading this, listen to heart and do it too.) Really, really go all out on the colours – the more garish, the better. Make sure all the makeup you’re using is ether all matte or super sparkly and shiny. Think super arched eyebrows, big hair and bright lips. Have an equally attention-grabbing dress or outfit and some huge-ass earrings, and you’ll be good to go.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 16.09.08


Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 16.08.57


You can also add in some falsies under your eyes for a cheeky look. Halloween is the only time we’ll accept this beauty trend because it won’t be the worst thing that gives us a heart attack.


Finally, this one is a little bit trickier, and you would want to pull in a more artistically-inclined friend to help you out here. Makeup illusionists must love Halloween because their trippy makeup will have you looking at them more than twice to make sure that you didn’t have one too many drinks. Get ready to be mind-blown. We advise not attempting this, unless you are confident in your own or your friend’s drawing skills.










Your fabulousness will never be harmed by a last minute invitation anymore!