Posted on July 26 2017
by editingbeauty

This scene has touched us to tears many times over again:


But we aren’t here today to gush about how beautiful a tale Tangled was. We can, but that’s a story for another day. Now, that smooth Flynn Rider move, girlfriend, is pretty overrated these days. We get the whole flower in your hair deal; it’ll never go out of style, yes, but why flowers when there’re… succulents? You know, that little potted plant that every self-respecting minimalist trend chaser should have on their work desk.

Brides these days are switching out the traditional flower wreaths for the less conventional succulent alternative. They’re more cost-effective, and fresh succulents don’t wither as fast as flowers do. And they look just as gorgeous, in all their green glory, especially when paired against brown hair. The craftspeople of the Internet have already started exercising their creativity in succulent arrangement — an art that shouldn’t sound as obscure in the near future — and are actually conjuring up the most meticulous of handiworks. While we still adore the girly vibes that fresh flowers give, and princess feels of sparkling jewels, there’s just something about the look of pale, ombréd pieces of nature that’s quickly growing on us.

Plus, even if you’re nowhere near being a bride-to-be, these hair accessories still make for beautiful decorative headgear — we’re already imagining a classic fishtail with tiny succulent hair pins all around.

As usual, we got our inspiration from Etsy, the treasure trove of well, everything. Here were have a selection of the prettiest faux succulent hair accessories that can be found online for your next wedding / café-hopping #hairoftheday.



Headband with succulents and champagne ribbon on twine tieback, $11.51, available here.



Succulent hair clip, $11.75, available here.


Succulent and pearls wedding hair pin, $69.35+, available here.



Succulent hair comb, $28.78+, available here.



Silver succulent bobby pin, $27.15+, available here.



Bridal headband with succulent and flowers, $83.45, available here.


Header Image: FORvHER on Etsy

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