Posted on February 07 2018
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innisfree has the cutest collections – Line and Snoopy collaboration – and we’re happy to share that the Korean beauty brand is finally bringing its Jeju Color Picker to Singapore stores and we have to say, it looks absolutely stunning. The pastel colours are perfect for a soft and gentle make up look, akin to the delicate hydrangeas along Jeju’s Jongdal-ri Hydrangea road located along the coast, which served as the main inspiration for the colour palette of the collection.

You would think that the colour palette would be limited since only one type of flower was the main source of inspiration but the hydrangeas actually blossom into a cloud of various pastel colours against the calming blue ocean and rolling green hills, resulting in a diverse collection.

jeju color picker-jongdal ri-1_preview
Hydrangeas along Jongdal-ri 

The Color Correcting Kit comes with three different products for more even skin tone. You can cancel the greyness of your dark circles with the Cloud Pink Hydrangeas, cover redness with the Fresh Hydrangea Stem and brighten up the centre of your face with a thin layer of the Enchanting Light Purple Hydrangea. The colour correcting liquids are light and formulated with a skin-fitting polymer which will help you achieve a flawless and radiant base that will last you the whole day.

After colour correcting and applying our base make up, we can move on to contouring with the Contouring Kit, which includes a primer, a cream contour and a cream highlight. Korean make up is more about subtlety instead of intense looks, therefore don’t expect a blinding highlight from this kit. The highlighter would give a more subtle glow that would give the illusion that  you’re radiant from within.

IF. summer color correcting kit SPF26 PA++ (17 Jeju LTD) IF. summer contouring kit (17 Jeju LTD) (2)
Left to right: Color Correcting Kit $21, Contouring Kit $21

If you prefer powder highlighters, you might want to opt for the Blooming Highlighter highlighting powder, which consists of 5 pastel colours that blend naturally into your skin for a subtle and natural glow. How do we know that there are 5 colours in the highlighter? The product appears as 5 separate colours in the pan and only get mixed together when you swirl your brush in it! If you’re feeling quirky, go ahead and use the colours separately for a tinted highlight.

IF. blooming highlighter (17 Jeju LTD)-open2
Blooming Highlighter $25

How could we leave out the lips when it comes to Korean beauty products? The 2018 Jeju Color Picker includes the Flower Cotton Ink in 5 matte shades, ranging from a rosy pink to an orange red. The tints are smooth and leave a light cotton-like texture, allowing you to create a smooth and seamless gradient lip or a soft and subtle full lip.

Left to right: Flower Cotton Ink in 01, Flower Cotton Ink in 02, Flower Cotton Ink in 03, Flower Cotton Ink in 04, Flower Cotton Ink in 05, $15 each

Although we can include all the colours of the hydrangeas in a make-up look, we think it’s better to wear them on our fingers instead. innisfree’s Real Colour Nail comes in 5 different summer hues for a pop of colour to finish off the look! The colours are still more towards nude and pastel so don’t worry about the colours being too bright or bold. We’ve heard that painting your nails too often can lead to damage and yellowing but these are formulated with a blend of nourishing ingredients like calcium, organ oil and tangerine oil to repair damaged nails and keep them strong. Phew.

Left to right: Real Color Nail in 100, Real Color Nail in 101, Real Color Nail in 102, Real Color Nail in 103, Real Color Nail in 104, $4 each

To celebrate the release of the 2018 Jeju Color Picker, innisfree is offering 2 exclusive deals for the collection! You may choose either the Color Correcting Kit or the Contouring Kit and pair it with any Flower Cotton Ink shade to be rewarded with two mini make-up brushes from innisfree. Alternatively, you may also receive an Apple Seed Cleansing Trial Kit with a purchase of just $10 from the this edition of the 2018 Jeju Color Picker. Do note that this promotion will only begin on the 2nd week of February.

[27080-7066] Apple Seed Cleansing 3ea kit★
innisfree Apple Seed Cleansing Trial Kit

The collection is perfect for pastel lovers and we just want to get all the products now but we have to wait just a little longer before we can get our hands on this beautiful collection because it will only be released in February. Fortunately, that’s only a week away so we don’t have to wait too long!

innisfree’s 2018 Jeju Color Picker (Jongdal-ri Edition) will be available at all Singapore innisfree stores from February 2018. The “Pick a Pair” promotion will only be available from the 2nd week of February.

For more information, go to innisfree or visit their Facebook page

Images: innisfree 

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