Posted on July 30 2017
by editingbeauty

Hair colour trends come and go all the time. So it comes as no surprise that a new hair trend is taking over the rainbow and pastel coloured hairdos. And now, the Instagram beauty world has moved on to… electrifying neon!

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Right now, you’re probably wondering how neon can possibly look good on anyone, and might have even brushed off the idea of trying this trend already. But hold your horses, because our gurl, Alicia Keys, who “does what the f*ck she wants” is concrete proof that neon hair is the trend to rock right now. Keys posted on her Instagram account her new striking-as-hell, orange-yellow gradation and neon pink head of braids last week, and we sure were shook. First, she declares she’s not going to wear makeup just to please people, and now she’s giving us the chills with her bomb-ass mane. Just staph, Alicia! No, we’re just kidding. You can do whatever the f*ck you want and we’re just going to watch you from the sidelines in awe.

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Of course, Keys is not the first to do neon hair. Kylie Jenner has always been experimental with wigs, and she probably has a whole collection consisting of the colours of the rainbow already. Remember her neon-green highlighter hair?

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Jaden Smith was also recently seen debuting a brand new neon red buzz cut, so it goes to show that guys can jump on into the trend as well!

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But yes, yes, we know. The concerns of how we can possibly pull off such a loud and flashy colour without being labelled as an attention-seeker in Singapore are real. But there’s always the option of going for highlights or choosing to only dye the under-layer of your hair. It could even just be a streak at the side just to add some spunk to your look. Perhaps it’s time to just shut off what people have to say and do whatever the f*ck you want.

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