Posted on January 19 2017
by editingbeauty

Well, we’re no longer surprised that Korean beauty trends are taking over our feeds as well as our beauty routines and our lives. But there’s a new K-beauty trend in town that doesn’t involve your hair and face. Have a look at the glistening diamond manicure.

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If you remember those Korean glass nails from a while back, they were actually developed by Eunkyung Park, the owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul. Now, she’s back with this new shattered-effect creation, but with a slight twist. The glimmering, prism-esque design reflects light from every angle, and it’s nothing short of hypnotic. While we await a complete nail tutorial, we’re guessing that this look entails a fairly similar process to that of the glass nail, which involves glueing on teeny tiny triangles of cellophane paper.

NEW #3D #leddiamondnail ?????#leddianail #디아몬네일 ㅋㅋ #unistella

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Itching to give this look a try? You can start by experimenting with different types of cellophane paper to achieve that opalescent effect. Before you stick bits of it on, try rolling them a little to get a slight curve so that it’ll sit perfectly on your nail, otherwise, they’ll stick out awkwardly. But if that’s your style, then go ahead and stick ’em on straight.

Main Image: @nail_unistella

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