Posted on July 09 2020
by Jasmine Ong

Cleansing is the first step in our skincare routines, and often the most important one. See, you’re literally giving your skin a blank slate for the upcoming slew of essences, serums and moisturisers, creating the most optimal conditions for them to work their best. So yes, you’ll want to start with properly, thoroughly cleansed skin. After a long day, cleansing can also be a welcome ritual — that me-time moment where your only focus is removing makeup and impurities on your face, nothing else. And that’s where we’re making a case for luxury cleansers.

Chanel launched their Cleansing Collection in 2018 with a defining difference — the luxury beauty brand’s cleansing products feature anti-pollution properties that protect cells from micro-stress from pollution, while still being gentle enough so our skin’s delicate balance is intact.



This July, they’re also launching 3 new items: Le Gel, Le Gommage, and Le Masque. After giving these a go, I get it. Active ingredients are important here, yes, but a lot of what you’re paying for goes into the experience as well.

Their products stand out because they work, and also because, brand name or otherwise, it feels good to use them — it certainly helps that the brand invests in that sensorial experience too. The fresh, gentle Le Gel cleanser has a gel formula that lathers into a fine, soft foam; Le Gommage happens to be one of the smoothest physical exfoliants I’ve tried, with its jelly-like texture; while the Le Masque, a vitamin clay mask, both purifies the skin and energises it with Vitamins C and E. Your skin has been delicately, yet effectively, cleansed.


For a review of the 3 new Chanel Beauty items, read on.




This new and extremely gentle cleanser is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Its gel formula transforms into a soft creamy foam that gets rid of makeup, sunscreen, and pollution microparticles, while ingredients such as blue micro-algae and marine salicornia extract both hydrate and strengthen the skin. Perfect for oily skin as it helps to control excess sebum.



I have more dry-combination than oily skin, but Chanel’s gel cleanser still worked very well for me. First off, I was pleasantly surprised by the gel texture — as you can see, fresh from the bottle, you’ll get a fluid watery-gel consistency. Add water to lather it up though, and the gel indeed transforms into a soft foam, which is especially helpful for those who have the tendency to scrub too hard on their skin (me, in the past). After cleansing, my skin feels fresh and clean — any weightiness from oil and impurities accumulated throughout the day is lifted off — and yet, still plump and hydrated.






A luscious gel-cream that exfoliates, and comes infused with jojoba microbeads in two different sizes to gently and effectively remove impurities, traces of pollution, and dead cells from our skin. It also contains a duo of active ingredients: purple micro-algae to help stimulate cell respiration, and marine spring water that provides skin with nourishing minerals. For smooth, even skin.



Truth be told, I get very lazy with exfoliating. In my defence, I do try to use a facial cleansing device daily, which already helps with gentle exfoliation. Still, I did enjoy using Chanel’s previous edition of gommage. This new version also contains natural-origin jojoba beads, but these never feel rough. A good exfoliator makes the experience enjoyable. Here, I can say that Le Gommage, goes on the skin soft when massaged, as the microbeads melt into the gel-cream’s jelly-like texture. It never feels like I’m “sloughing” away; rather, I’m just treating my skin to a soothing massage. Again, that fresh and clean after-effect is a lasting one after I’m done with the cleansing routine.





A vitamin clay mask certainly sounds interesting. We know that clay masks decongest and purify the skin — Chanel’s contains kaolin and French white clay that do precisely do this, by regulating sebum and minimising pores during our weekly routine. Of course, there’s also a vitamin-rich cocktail that balances that out: here, hydrating Maracuja extract is blended with Vitamin C and E derivatives for healthy and balanced skin, while boosting the skin’s radiance. It’s also multi-functional. You can apply a thin layer for 2 minutes every morning to prep skin for makeup, or the more traditional way, a thick layer for 10 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week, to deeply purify skin. For balanced, shine-free, and radiant skin.



For all my supposed skincare laziness, I enjoy clay masks. They’re one of the most effective ways to detoxify and re-balance my skin, and maybe it’s acceptable as I get to leave it on while doing other tasks at the same time. On that note, I also expect clay masks to multi-task — they have to efficiently remove deep impurities, while at the same time nourish and hydrate my skin so it feels comfortable. I’ve tried a fair share of overly-stripping ones, and do not enjoy modifying my skincare regime after to compensate. Thankfully though, Chanel’s Le Masque does well on both aspects. I lean towards a thin, smooth layer on my skin, which promises a “flash of radiance”. The bright coral cream feels a bit cooling at first, and soon gets a bit more dry after I leave it on for 10 mins in order to purify my skin. The mask never felt tight or tingly, only a bit towards the end as expected, and when washed off, my skin feels thoroughly cleansed, new again.



Chanel Cleansing Collection — Le Gel ($66), Le Gommage ($79) and Le Masque ($79), available at Chanel stores and counters.

You may also have your items delivered to your home via Chanel’s e-concierge and home delivery service. Simply fill in a request via and a beauty advisor will be in touch to follow up and give a personalised, one-to-one beauty and fragrance consultation.