Posted on June 30 2020
by Shazrina Shamsudin

When it comes to beauty collections, Chantecaille is always a step ahead in the game. Not only do they deliver the most decadent and luxurious collections that beg to be in every beauty collector’s arsenal, every new collection also serves a bigger purpose by helping with environmental conservation, most notably, wildlife.

In their latest release, Sylvie Chantecaille, the beauty boss of Chantecaille and a pioneer in the world of botanically-powered beauty, was inspired to support WildAid’s shark and manta ray programmes, after her trip to the Isla Mujere last July. During her trip, she took the plunge and swam with whale sharks — learning more about how sharks and certain other marine species around the world are still being killed for consumption. Did you know that sharks are still being hunted for their fins to make shark fin soup, with up to 73 million sharks killed each year for it? Manta and Mobula rays are also killed by the masses for their gill plates which are commonly used as a key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine too.

L — R: Rose Radiance and Coral Radiance Limited-Edition Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlighter Duets, $143 each

Thus, sales from Chantecaille Limited Radiance Chic Cheek and Highlight Duet will be used to support WildAid’s shark and manta ray programmes. Symbolically, both of the Duet compacts features an image of a manta ray or whale shark and comes equipped with a soft blush and a lustrous highlight. With a creamy and hydrating formula, the blush sweeps onto the cheeks, giving it the perfect flush while the highlight adds a universally flattering gleam to your face.

Limited-Edition Lip Tint Hydrating Balm, $58 each

To pair, the range also comes with a lineup of Lip Tint Hydrating Balms — perfect if you’re looking for a simple wash of colour for everyday wear. Encased in a marine-blue tube, these Lip Tint Hydrating Balms are also formulated with Rose Extract and antioxidant Cherry Fruit Extract that work to nourish and hydrate your pout


Chantecaille Summer Collection launches at Takashimaya D.S. on Aug 2020. Prices range from $58 to $143. For more information, visit