Posted on November 27 2017
by editingbeauty

Pumpkin spice lattes. Suede Uggs. Cold-pressed kale juice. Fresh cut grass from Coachella (or wet grass if all you can afford is Laneway Festival).

Does anything come to mind yet? No?

The first thing that popped into our minds is that they are all so basic. We don’t really know why everyone hates basic b*tches. Being basic is nothing to be embarrassed of. If you love that cold-pressed kale juice and bagels, then go right ahead and have them everyday without caring what anyone thinks of you! Nicolas Sparks writes the best romance novels round here, and we all need to dream a little to escape from our boring reality.

In an (ironic) new release, Xyrena has launched its latest fragrance that all basic b*tches will want to douse themselves in because it is the epitome of being basic. And if you need anymore validation of your inner basic b*tch, it would have to be this.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 14.55.26

According to the perfumer, the perfume notes include (of course) pumpkin spice latte, pages from a worn out Nicholas Sparks paperback, boxed merlot, suede Ugg®’s, fresh artisan bagel (obvi gluten-free), cold-pressed kale juice, vanilla froyo, velour tracksuit fabric, Sunday Funday mimhosa, nail art lacquer, and fresh cut grass from Coachella.

The bottle though, is anything but basic-looking. In a flashy black bottle that comes capped with a studded top, the Basic B*tch perfume also comes in a limited edition case that will totally make for a good Instagram post. After you’re done snapping all your photos, the bottle makes a good centerpiece on your dresser table too!

Even though we tend to think of basic b*tches as a female thing, can we also point out that boys can be basic too. This scent is unisex, meaning that this would be a perfect present for that basic guy friend of yours who is always wearing that baseball caps. Now, everyone will be able to smell the basic from a mile away.

Get your Basic B*tch Extract De Perfume, US$52, from Xyrena.