Posted on June 23 2020
by Joe Tan

Having paved its way into the beauty scene, the magnetic lashes trend has made its mark with its unique and easy-to-use application. Beauty brands like Ardell Cosmetics and Glamnetic have spurred on the growing trend with their very own line of magnetic lashes.

But my interest piqued when news first broke of Wendy Cheng —  who goes by the moniker, Xiaxue — who announced the launch of her brand, Plastic Cosmetics, earlier this year in January. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Xiaxue, otherwise known as one of the top blogger-turned-influencer in Singapore, has made a name for herself for many c̶o̶n̶t̶r̶o̶v̶e̶r̶s̶i̶a̶l̶ reasons — including her tips on beauty as seen on her YouTube channel.

This begs the question — what product did she launch with as part of her new line? Well, no prizes for guessing, but it was only fitting that the beauty aficionado herself has turned to sell her own collection of magnetic lashes. Having known that Xiaxue doesn’t fall short on her looks and being an expert in the field of beauty — where she seems to believe ‘more is more’ — I knew I had to give these highly-raved lashes a try.



Plastic Cosmetics offers an extensive range of magnetic lashes to choose from — whether you’re looking for a natural or a glamorous look, there’s bound to be one that’s to your liking.

In these kits, you will find 3 sets of magnetic lashes — that can probably last you for a few months — a tube of magnetic eyeliner and a pair of tweezers. And yes, there’s no lash glue which means there’s practically no dry time.



With 7 styles to choose from the collection, I chose the ‘Baby‘ lashes because I wanted to add some volume to my lashes while keeping them natural-looking.

Before applying them, there are a few things that you need to take note. Firstly, it’s to make sure that these lashes are the right length for you — to do so, place the magnetic lashes over your own lashes, and trim away one magnet from the inner or outer corner. It’s also advisable that you trim away any excess lash beyond the inner corner’s magnet to ensure that it adheres firmly to your lids.

Then comes the eyeliner. Before gliding it on, it’s also important to remember to shake up the Magnetic Eyeliner tube before applying — so as to spread the liner’s oxides as magnets attract iron oxides and pull them close together. I learnt it the hard way and when I didn’t it was goopy, thick and hard to apply.

I flicked on a simple cat eye along my upper lash line, while carefully avoiding the liner from touching my eyelashes. Reason being: the liner’s built to hold these lashes and it can be tacky, so having it on my real lashes will make it even harder for me to remove it later on.

I wait for a few seconds for it to dry before I picked up the lashes with the pair of tweezers the kit came with — placing it from the inner corner to out while leaving a little space at the inner corner for a more comfortable fit especially if you have double eyelids.

And there you have it! To have a better visualisation of how it looks like, here’s a before and after comparison:

I was truly amazed by how it turned out. It felt like I just got a fresh new set of eyelash extensions.

To store your lashes, gently pull your magnetic lashes away and remove any eyeliner residue on the magnets by using a makeup remover or even your fingernail to scrape it off.



I like how these magnetic lashes are so easy to apply as compared to falsies which usually come with lash glue — and at most times, induce dread and anxiety for most of us. These are indeed fuss-free and it’s a bang for the buck especially when you can reuse them over and over again until they wear out. I would definitely wear them out for special occasions that call for dramatic lashes and recommend this to those who love wearing falsies.

However, with these lashes, I realised that for beginners who aren’t used to falsies, may feel like it’s uncomfortable to use as it can weigh down on your lids a little. It takes some time getting used to and a lot more practice if you face difficulty drawing the perfect flick. It’s also very crucial that you trim the inner corners of the lashes to ensure the right fit. That’s because when I first tried it, I found it really hard to blink without it getting in my way but I managed to fix it by trimming off the lashes accordingly.

The magnetic eyeliner was also made to last considering how I had to apply more makeup remover on my lids to remove the stubborn layer of liner from my lids. I would recommend using an oil-based makeup remover to ensure that it’s completely removed, and follow through with a double cleansing routine to ensure that there’s no leftover makeup around your eye area.

In short, I would recommend this product if you can’t commit to eyelash extensions but you still want to have the look of falsies for special occasions. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday use only because the removal of the liner can be pretty taxing.


Check out the full range of magnetic lashes on Plastic Cosmetics or follow their Instagram page for more updates.

Banner Courtesy: Plastic Cosmetics