Posted on July 03 2017
by editingbeauty

When it comes to fashion and beauty, what is presented in the media often times don’t fit with what majority of women look like or can relate to. Recently, though, more brands are making an effort to ensure proper representation and inclusivity, and the latest collaboration between American beauty brand, ORLY, and lifestyle blog,, is one of them. Usually, Muslim women would have to remove their nail polishes before prayers because it creates a barrier on their nails, preventing water from passing through during ablutions. But not anymore, with the launch of the collaboration’s water-permeable and halal-certified nail polishes called #HalalPaint.

“This line is important because there are so many girls and young women who aren’t represented by mainstream industries. They either don’t fit that definition or see things about them that are designed without them instead of for them and by them,” explains chief of staff Azmia Magane. “This is our way of bridging that gap.”

The polishes are also enriched with argan oil and vitamins C and B5 which promote nail health as well. And can we just talk about how witty the names given to the nail polishes are? Inspired by common names for Muslim girls, some of the names include “The Perfect Amani-Cure”, “What the Fatima?” and “Ig-Noor The Haters”.

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Unfortunately, the collection is only available in the United States but don’t fret as this collaboration is not the first to introduce halal nail polish to the Muslim community. Back home in Singapore, local beauty brand, Zahara, has long been in the halal beauty game. Frustrated that there weren’t many quality halal beauty brands that met the needs of Muslim women, founder Amira Geneid decided to change the status quo. Not only does the brand offer breathable nail polishes, they also stock up on lip and eye makeup as well, all of which are halal and cruelty-free.


The MuslimGirl x ORLY #HalalPaint can be pre-ordered now at for US$49. A parcel forwarding service might have to be readied for it to be brought into Singapore. Meanwhile, you can shop for Zahara’s products here.

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