Posted on February 07 2018
by editingbeauty

Beauty trends, especially on Instagram, can really get out of hand, sometimes. Let’s recall squiggly eyebrows, feather brows, phallic-shaped eyeliner, etc. Thank goodness they’re staying in 2017.

Unfortunately, we chanced upon something more chilling in 2018. Behold, nail art that actually blinks! Yikes.


It was created by a nail artist at Russian nail shop Nail Sunny, using Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette for a dramatic eye look.

The whole process of creating the nail art (eye look?) looked extremely technical, requiring brushes, drills, scissors and fingers to create the different parts for a mobile nail art design. Kudos to the nail artist for being so creative and having the patience and skills to execute such a feat.

But the final product just makes us so uncomfortable, partly because the movement looks so real and also because it reminds us of those creepy blinking dolls. In the first place, does anyone even know why they exist?

The blinking nail art design was just the first of many mobile nail designs by the nail shop. They have also designed a twerking one and bobblehead dog as well!

Besides their whacky designs, Nail Sunny does provide regular manicures and designs for clients who just want something more simple.

Check out the Instagram post that documents the entire process that went into creating this amazingly creepy nail art.

Images: @nail_sunny

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