Posted on July 26 2017
by editingbeauty

Folks these days hardly ever have to worry about a hairstyle switch. Chopped off your locks for a fresher look, but still yearn for a luscious waist-length mane? You have two options to achieve both overnight — invest in a wig, or sit yourself down in a salon to get hair extensions. The latter is probably the way to go for the most natural looking results, though you’re probably gonna have to cozy up for a couple of hours, while letting the stylist fiddle with tying in the extensions into your real hair. You’ll end up warming the seats, and perhaps cringe a little at the occasional butt cramps, but so. worth. it.

Couture brand Balmain does make some kickass apparel, but what is lesser known to the common everyday people is that they do have a subsidiary, Balmain Hair, that offers a whole range of Balmain-branded haircare products that aims to keep hair in their tip-top condition, while looking shiny and healthy. But that’s a story for another day. What got us so intrigued with Balmain’s haircare is not their dizzying array of serums, leave-on conditioners or thermal protection spray, but rather their latest Système Volume hair extension tool that promises to shorten the time needed for manual and tedious process to a matter of seconds.

35, if we’re going to be exact. 35 seconds is all that’s needed for this gun-shaped to accurately affix the extensions to the root of a section of hair. A rectangular plastic case containing the additional locks of hair will be clipped on at the desired spot. The machine will be pressed on — we’re guessing locking in with the plastic case, and the magic just happens. Lift the contraption off, and your extensions will be perfectly fitted in place.

But don’t go round snipping away inches of hair just yet. The Système Volume tool will only be available in select Balmain partner salons, and used under the care of a professional stylist. These salons are mostly located in the U.S., so if you’re heading to the States anytime soon, getting a new ‘do with the cool innovation may be something fun to add to the itinerary.

Header Image: @balmainhaircouture

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