Posted on July 26 2017
by editingbeauty

“Anyone here ever tried a hair scrub?” was an awkward question I posed to my colleagues in an elevator, only to be met with a unanimous “no”. I expected that. After all, why would we ever consider purchasing a seemingly pointless product when we’ve got clarifying shampoos out there to address our deep cleansing needs?

Well, here’s a tidbit that could alter your headspace. If you’re looking to get a healthier head of hair, you may want to swap out your standard shampoo every once in a while for an exfoliating scrub. Turning to conditioning treatments may seem like a really good idea at first, but we tend to forget the most important thing that regulates our hair health: the scalp. Without a clean, balanced scalp, strong hair follicles simply can’t exist, which is why The Body Shop has created a hair scrub to give us a hand.


To compliment its Fuji Green Tea bodycare line, The Body Shop added a haircare collection in the same invigorating scent, featuring a shampoo, conditioner, and a hair scrub. Needless to say, what we’re looking at today is their new Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Purifying Cleansing Hair Scrub, which doubles up as a shampoo. It uses salt crystals, mint, and menthol to stimulate blood flow and rid your scalp of impurities and daily grime with its rich later – perfect for those who use styling products that leave behind a waxy residue.




Community trade honey is also blended in with soothing Japanese green tea to calm the scalp and nourish your strands, so it won’t just work well on normal hair and scalps as stated, it’s great for combating pesky dandruff and dry scalps too. Did I mention this sorbet-like formula smells amazing? Your head will surely thank you for this.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Purifying Cleansing Hair Scrub, $29. Available now at The Body Shop stores.

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